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Our asset allows you to export FBX animations from Axis Neuron (using Perception Neuron Mocap equipment) and import them into Unreal Engine 4. Unlike the BVH UE4 plug-in, this allows you all the built-in functionality of FBX files, without needing any extra plug-ins or 3rd-party software.


Though the Axis Neuron skeleton is drastically different from the majority of industry standard setups, we've tailored this asset to retarget as smoothly as possible to your own skeletons (ie. Mixamo).


*All proceeds go to help pay rent for the development of our current project, as well as further Perception Neuron -> Unreal solutions.

Perception Neuron UE4 Avatar

    • Readme file, with link to download:
      • Custom rigged avatar allowing Perception Neuron -> UE4 animation importing.
      • Normal, Emissive, Basecolor, and Occlusion/Roughness/Metallic png textures.
      • Link to Youtube video explaining how to use our asset, and how to accurately retarget to your own skeletons.
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