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Our Team

Coined by John Koenig in his "Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows", the word Sonder is a peculiar concept. It's the realization that every random passerby is living a life as complex as your own, filled with it's own complex backstory and cast of characters, and that you might be nothing more than an extra in one of their scenes.


We're living this realization each day. With an experienced team from almost every timezone, and jobs ranging from Lebanese architecture, to hand-crafted accessories, to the Marine Corps, the fact that our experiences have brought us together to work on something we all love is truly remarkable.

Furthermore, we want to share this feeling with our players. We want players to reach the end of our game and realize their playthrough was unique from any other player's. That they don't understand everything, but several things they discovered are only known to them, and up to them to take their complex backstory and gift it to the world.

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